Photo Reaction



My name is David Hallett.

I created Photo Reaction in 2008.

Photo Reaction specialises in creating bold promotional media to increase your impact online. 

Hire me to create the following high-quality media:

  • Aerial photos & videos (including panorama photos)
  • Studio-style photos
  • Full HD videos (stable, well-lit, in-focus with clear audio)
  • Time-lapse videos
  • POV videos (including third-person)
  • HDR photos & much more

Please scroll down further to see some examples.

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Photography & Videography

I specialise in promoting you & or your business; your products, people, premises & what makes you unique via bold, quality photos & videos to increase your impact online.

Quick but very important facts:

  1. More than 92% of the Australian population uses the internet.
  2. Visuals engage customers 10 times more effectively than words.
  3. Photos in social media feed posts can increase engagement by more than 87%!
  4. A video on your landing page can increase customer engagement by 800%!
  5. More than 100 million videos a day are watched just on Facebook alone!

So, hire me today to create regular photos & videos to increase your impact online & gain the benefits of a larger customer base.

Following are the main ways I can help you & your business.

Promotional videos:

  • Online portfolio slideshows, social media landing pages, social media posts, business websites & more

Professional headshots:

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, CVs, Instagram & more

How to videos: 

  • Help your customers to get the most out of your products & increase your brand loyalty at the same time

Product photos:

  • Website content, Facebook sales & more

“Your Story” videos:

  • Share your life’s story or business story with the world or just your friends & family

Promotional photos:

  • Online portfolios, social media posts & banners, business websites & more

Video CVs:

  • Standout & get that job you have always wanted

Aerial photos & videos:

  • For real impact online, let me capture you & or your business from above using one of my high-quality drones.

So what does this cost?

My services are extremely affordable for a personalised service, utilising my creative & technical skills, high-quality equipment, time & effort.

As everyone is unique, it is best to call me for a quote. However, for a basic idea, I charge just $49/hour plus extras such as travel, models, assistants etc if needed.

Photography Examples

Here is part of my photography portfolio so that you have an idea of the quality that I can offer you & or your business. Please click on the right side of each photo to scroll through my photo gallery. All photographs are copyright Photo Reaction, 2018.

Videography Example

This is one of my base level promotional videos that I shot for a local business. It is meant to be fun, artsy, gritty & engaging. Please note that the camera shake is intentional to add character & a live feel. For more corporate style videos, I also offer extremely smooth, clean, well-lit video with high-quality audio. I can actually create many different video styles so simply let me know the exact look & feel that you are after. Now, back to the video...enjoy!